Some ancient cultures believed that the liver was the source of love and passion. Author, Mary Roach, wrote in Stiff that if the liver maintained this prestige, cars would be sporting bumper stickers such as “I Liver-symbol NY” rather than “I Heart-symbol NY.” Can you imagine receiving liver-shaped Valentine cards and candy?

If I were to woo my liver, I would mark the day with a little dark chocolate and serenade it with one of my favorite poems:

While the heart

plucks mandolin strings... give home

to life’s enzymes

and grams of experience

collecting liquors

at this song’s party

and after cleaning up,

you are warmly last

to say goodbye.

- excerpt from Ode To The Liver by Pablo Neruda translated by Heberto Morales and Will Hochman

When we honor the liver, we honor the heart. Happy Valentine’s Day.