The day my treatments start is getting closer and I am getting nervous to say the least.  I have so many questions about how the medications will affect me but, I have no answers.  This is why I’d like to tell you about it as I go through it so, you, the reader don’t have as many questions as I do.
I’m 52 years old and a single Mother.  I have no help from my son’s father so, I’m doing this all alone.  I want to be able to live longer so maybe, just maybe I can see him graduate from high school.  You see, I had him when I was 40 so my time is running out and with hepatitis C, its running out faster.  I know I only have an 80% chance of clearing this virus but, I have to take the chance.
I last stuck a needle in my arm November 1998, first around 1986.  I was obviously stupid but, no sense kicking my own ass now, its a little late for regrets.
I was raised in a family of 5, both my parents were there all the time and, as a kid, didn’t really want for anything.  There was always food, shelter and anything else we needed.  Both my parents worked so there was money available for other things like family vacations.  Don’t know why I became the “rebel” or “black sheep” of the family but I did.  There is probably a phsycological reason but, I really don’t want to delve into the past, its the future I’m looking towards.