18th May 9 p.m. A Summary
Can’t sleep so I’m doing this final summary of costs.

  • Air fare to India - $1,200
  • Hotel (6 nights @ $50 per night) - $300
  • Visa (on-line) - $60
  • Food and transport etc - $300
  • Sofosbuvir - $1,000
  • Travel Insurance - $140

So the total cost will work out at pretty close to $3,000.

I chose a mid-range hotel, the Taz Kamar, in T. Nagar, fairly central to most of Chennai. The Taz offered everything I wanted. Comfortable room, comfortable bed, good air con, clean, friendly helpful staff, good wifi etc. Chennai does not offer a lot of options in accomodation and accomodation is relatively expensive compared to most Indian cities. It’s not a major tourist destination and in the entire time I have been here I have not seen one other white person, which is a rare thing now days.

This time of year is very hot. The last two days have been over 40C and its pretty hard to do stuff after mid day. Of course this time of year is hot everywhere in India and I was not prepared to wait around for Autumn.

India has introduced a new Point of Entry on-line tourist visa system that is really good. You do the whole thing on-line and will have approval back in a few days. Make sure you print out the approval email to show at immigration. Medical Tourist is one of the options available on the form.

This entry was originally published on My Hep C Diary. Reprinted with permission.