29th July 2015
The mix of emails I get everyday is amazing. Some are very sad and some make me very happy. The best are when I hear from people who have just passed the four week mark in their treatment using Indian generic sofosbuvir and have received the results of their blood tests. I get those virtually every day now and this morning I got one of those from an English citizen whose doctor in the UK refused to write a script. Not deterred, this person went to Spain and found a doctor who was a bit more educated in the 21st century world of international pharmaceuticals. He wrote the prescription and is monitoring the treatment. 
Please read this and you will see why I get SO frustrated with doctors who think that there is something wrong with medicine just because it is not manufactured by white people living in Switzerland.
I have just had a phone call from my Doctor. He cant believe it. He has checked and double checked but I am completely virus free!!
I could cry. I am SO happy.
Ok. My lungs are a bit shot from past behavior, but i am a fit 55 yr old
That’s after only 3 weeks Greg! Unheard of!
I had an incredibly high viral load - it was 10.5 million (thingy’s per blood thingy). Now zero!
Bilirubin down a little to 3.8 (direct)
Pancreas enzymes up a little but he is hoping its just a blip with the medication.
I must finish it all!!
Big hug
This person has Hep C genotype 3 and is doing the sofosbuvir and ribavirin treatment for 24 weeks. The tests were done by the German Pathology and Microbiology group Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum
Now compare that email with this one:
Greg, I am writing on behalf of a friend in the UK. He is in a difficult situation with HCV which he has had for many years and cannot seem to obtain treatment in Britain. We have spoken of the possibility of treatment in India but he is reluctant to travel there and is reticent to try Indian drugs from the Internet, however, your blog gives him new hope. If you are willing please forward me the information needed so that he can obtain treatment. Thank you and thank you for being open and generous with your treatment blog, you give heart to many people. Regards ####
So we have this situation were people from the UK have to go to Spain or India to get medicines that are legally available to them in the UK but they can not get a UK doctor to prescribe the meds. What is going on???
Then we have the recent situation where a friend of mine was booted off a UK Hep C forum for posting a link to my website!!! (Please note that this was NOT “UK Hep C forum” but another UK based Hep C forum)
So we come back to this issue of who is running these forums and what are their agendas? Are they there to help people get cured from Hep C, or are they there to instill fear in people and make sure no-one buys Indian generics but instead sits around hoping that one day the government will give them some American made medicine?
Seriously it drives me nuts. Every person who I know that I have helped to get India generic Hep C medication has had fabulous results. In Australia now there are three major liver clinics giving full support to patients who are using Indian generics as well as at least that number of liver specialists. Most doctors (not all) here will now write a prescription to help their patients get generic sofosbuvir and ribavirin from India. Why is that happening? Because in the last 8 weeks more than 100 people with Hep C in Australia have been successfully treated with these medicines with outstanding results. 
Yes I know the results still have to be tested over 12 months and then 24 months for a confirmed SVR but the early indications are outstanding. Meanwhile in the UK and the USA and Canada people are dying because their bloody doctors are too conservative, too narrow minded, to see that there is a cure for their patients right there in front of their noses, all they have to do is write the script and monitor the treatment.
Sorry for ranting but I am passionate about this and the stupidity of this situation drive me nuts!!!!