When Hepatitis C (HCV) begins to cause liver failure, sometimes you’ll have an unexpected trip to a hospital. I’ve gone in for what i assumed would be an urgent care visit, and came out of the hospital a week later. Being in a hospital isn’t an enjoyable experience, while they do what they can to help make things nicer, it’s restrictive.

Over the years and many hospital trips I’ve made a list of things that make my stay easier. I pack a Go-Bag.

These are the contents of my Go-Bag. And on the right side, why i chose the item.

Athletic shorts.

 Because they breathe, they’re comfy and they’re elastic, so they’re easy on/off


Because sometimes its chilly in the hospital

2 pairs of underwear.

2 days in a hospital bed= bed of farts, I don’t care who you are that bed smells like butt.

2 plain white t’s.

Sometimes it’s cold, sometimes the gown is itchy. And it’s a shirt you don’t mind losing, because if need be they’ll cut the shirt.

A usb/wall converter/phone charger.

My phone has a large battery life, and it isn’t gonna hold up for more than three days in the hospital. Everyone sends “ARE YOU OKAY?” “I HEARD YOU WERE IN THE HOSPITAL.” “HEY MAN CAN I BORROW A SHOVEL?” typical hospital texts.

Earbuds/ headphones

To watch a movie on a tablet, or listen to music from phone/tablet. Why earbuds? Because it’s important to have one ear free. Just in case

2 water bottles.

Sometimes you can’t get water fast enough, sometimes you have guests.

2 fig bars.

I get hungry, and sometimes food doesn’t arrive in a timely fashion, or just straight up forgets me.


2 books.

Books are printed collections of paper bound on one side so they are easily navigated. Often an authors thumbnail and a snippet is located on the back to give you a “preview” of what the book is about. Ancient technology, lost to us by in the sands of time.

Puzzle book/Notepad of blank paper.

Because sometimes everything else is boring.


Good for doodlin’


It feels nice to smell human

liquid body wash/shampoo

Bathroom stuff

Items that i request bring people me, as they’re not in the Go-Bag:


To play video games, or browse the internet.

I think two of my blog posts were from the hospital.


Mostly for movie watchin’


I like ’em. And my high school math teacher taught me a great lesson. Always ask, who knows maybe someone will give you a smoothie.

and you can’t put smoothies in a Go-Bag, which is a shame.

I bring the Go-Bag with me to every urgent care visit, just in case I take an unexpected trip.