As a reward for going through six months of HCV treatment and clearing the virus I decided to travel to Canada for January to see my daughter. A side benefit was that I would be able to do some travelling with her. 

So here I am. Currently I’m in the US. Yesterday I wandered all over Central Park and the MetropolitanMuseum of Art. Tomorrow I head off to Florida for a few days. 
I’ve kept up a pretty gruelling travel schedule and although I’m tired at times, I’m going well. The only effect I’m seeing at the moment is some swelling around my ankles, which I’m going to attribute to long hours on planes. I’ve spent a LOT of time on planes. Boy some of the US plane connections go to strange and unusual places. Vancouver to Newark via Phoenix? I also have to adjust to constantly changing time zones and often fail to get enough sleep. I am looking forward to spending one day not doing anything. That should come in about a week when I’m Boston. 
I must say though, that the joy of travelling without a significant health condition like hep c is a joy.