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A Hepatitis C Nightmare

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Lucinda K. Porter, RN

I think the real story is somewhere in between. I suggest you check out the Hep Forum for a realistic picture. As for your question, "What will the next 10 years be like?" It depends. The vast majority of us will die of a non-hep C cause. One million of us will progress to cirrhosis, which is not the end, but feels awful. Around 20,000 of us will die every year, mostly those who are co-infected with HIV. Those who are cured before that have cirrhosis will have a normal life expectancy.

March 9, 2015

Doctor Love

Thank you for this info. Ive had hep c for 30 years. I can see a dramatic decline in my health that seemed to start suddenly within the last year. Everytime I google anything about hep c, I get nothing but success stories. I know there are two death stories for every success. Im to the place I feel the AMA is lying about the truth to get people to buy their drugs. What I believe is, based on the fact that 80%of hep c cases are baby boomers, and that it takea 20-30 years for hep c to take a toll, I think we are just on the verge of a catastrophic epidemic. When the hospitals and insuranc companies are swamped with cases of retiring baby boomers just finding out theyve had hep c for 30 years, what success story will the AMA have than ᤾ Hep c is deadly. If hep c take 30 years to destroy and most people caught it 30 years ago, what will the next 10 years be like?

March 8, 2015

Lucinda K. Porter, RN

If you have a primary care doc or doctor/nurse friend, he/she may be able to get the results. The results are supposed to be reported anonymously, so you won't get help from public health.

October 5, 2014

concerned for loved one

When a loved one was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia they ran a lot of test. They had said hep c was in blood but could've been from the viral infection due to pneumonia. He had a follow up with that hospital after released with the infectious disease center. They took more blood but was told must show up with $150 for the test results. Which to me is beyond crazy. How can you let one go on walking around being clueless if they have an infectious disease or not. Do you know of any way we can get these results. Regardless they are coming after the one for the money even though they refuse to give results. As I said I think this is crazy and should be against the law. I've thought about call the local health department since all cases need to be reported in the hopes they can give results. I've also thought about requesting all medical records for lab work. But then how would I know what to look for. Any suggestions on how we van get these results.

October 5, 2014

Lucinda K. Porter, RN

Basically, it is very hard to pass HCV sexually in heterosexual relationships, unless one of the partners has HIV, HBV, or open sores and bleeding. Basically, I tell people that as long as you aren't having sex with knives and chainsaws, you are probably safe. However, the important part is that all parties need to be comfortable. As for oral sex,I am all for it, hep C or no hep C. My turn to be blunt - since it's been awhile since you've had sex, and it looks like you probably have gone through menopause, be sure to take a lubricant with you. Dry membranes are more likely to be injured. Have fun!

October 4, 2014


I need a little personal advice, my husband died from lower esophageal cancer that metastasized to his brain then every where else, from diagnosis in April 2004, to chemo,radiation,surgery, more chemo, surgery,,,,he still died 9-10-2005. There's been no sex in my life since one time with my husband in 2003. Now I'm going to see my x-husband we both still care for each other very much, now if their should be the subject of sex, what something do I say besides taking condoms with me, about it? He knows I'm hep c +, so I'm making myself upset over something that may not even happen. But I'm still taking condoms with me just in case. What are the arguments about oral sex, I'm not trying to be rude, but I want to be well informed. I don't want to give this to Anyone, As much as I don't know how I got it, except the doctors are thinking in 1977 I started hemorrhaging from a miscarriage, I was given my body blood volume back 3 times. I had IV's running in me everywhere. I was revived 3 times on the OR table, so they didn't test blood for hepatitis back then,,,,makes you think twice about everything.

October 3, 2014


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