Some days I feel tired and muddled. My mind wonders if I have all those hepatitis C symptoms, all scientifically proven, but not necessarily evident in us all. Or if I am having hepatitis C treatment side effects. Fortunately, most of my ailments seem to clear up with self-care--a good night’s rest, a long walk, mindfulness, time with friends, a movie, and a healthy diet.

Sometimes the fog lingers, and when it does, it can be hard to maintain my resolve, especially now that I am on hepatitis C treatment. It isn’t easy being an activist in a patient’s body. However, when I am tempted to flop down in a pool of self-pity, I am bolstered back up by the strength of others. I have known people with advanced stages of hepatitis C who have remained active in bed until death. I can’t say that I will be equally committed, but what I do know is that for today, a bit of fatigue and brain fog isn’t going to stop my voice.

What do you need so that your voice may be heard?