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7 December 2015: Still undetectable?

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Vivian Pampinella

Hi David, I am also going thru the same as you.After 18 years of injections, and pills, cause i was a non-responder to all the treatments, In october 2015 my blood work also said undected.I also cried and couldn't stop the tears,I had never had a undected result in those 18 years. So i know how your feeling.I finished my Harvoni after 24 weeks in November 2015. Now i also must wait to see if it has truely cleared. I will get my answer in Feb.2016.I don't really go on facebook too much, I am a private person, But i read your story,and had to reach out to you cause i know what you have been thru and are still going thru. The waiting period is also hard,But it gives us hope.The word undetected gives us both HOPE. I wish you the best David. I will certainly pray for both of us. This has hit home.I hope to hear good news from you.Best of luck, May the lord bless you. Vivian Pampinella

December 15, 2015

Dallas Duncan

Bloody awesome, David!

December 9, 2015


I could not be happier. So much good news at the moment.

December 8, 2015

Andrew Little

I wasn't able to go to the clinic with David this time as I was driving our other friend to the airport. David's visit to the clinic for his results sat heavily between us in the car. We talked about the what ifs and the what next's. Hope and trepidation in equal amounts. Then as we approached the final ramp up to the departures terminal the phone vibrated as a new message arrived. A single word - "undetectable" shone out from the screen. My friend looked at me and we quietly let a few tears of relief trickle down our faces. Our friend's last moments of his holiday with us filled with so much relief, joy and hope.

December 8, 2015

Trish Bucknell

Oh that is wonderful David....I know you will be clear for good now. This is the news you have so desperately wanted...Go man...enjoy your life.

December 8, 2015

Lucinda Porter

This is wonderful news and bodes well for your final results. I completely related to your attempt to interpret the clinic appointment reminder. Oh we humans are a funny lot.

December 7, 2015


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