Learning more about hepatitis C can be interesting without taking up much time. Here are 5 fun ways to learn more about liver disease and viral hepatitis. 

Listen to heartwarming hepatitis C stories through NPR’s StoryCorps (hepcchallenge.org/story-corps). Credit for this project belongs to Caring Ambassadors’ hepatitis C program, established by Randy Dietrich in 1999 after he was diagnosed with hep C. This organization is committed to raising hepatitis C awareness, while reducing the stigma associated with it. Caring Ambassadors promotes screening and testing, while advocating for and supporting those affected by hepatitis C. (hepcchallenge.org)

Explore the art of tattoos at HCV Advocate. (hcvadvocate.org/publications/fact-sheets/tattoos) The HCV Advocate was founded in 1997 by Alan Franciscus in response to the lack of education, support, and services available at that time for people living with hepatitis C. The organization provides top-level hepatitis C education and advocacy. The HCV Advocate’s website is packed with information including some on safer tattooing. You can find just about everything you might want to know about tattooing, from art to yantra tattoos. hcvadvocate.org

Get some comic relief with Hepsie the Wonder Liver. (www.lifewithhepsie.com) This delightful graphic is the brainchild of hepatitis C advocate Maggie McGehee. Who said that learning about hepatitis C has to be hard! Maggie McGehee is a sensational storyteller; you can read her HepStory here or listen to her StoryCorps version here.

Seek adventure by following hepatitis C horseback riders who are raising awareness at Long Riders. (www.longriders.org) In 2018, 3 men are going to ride 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada along the High Sierra’s Pacific Crest Trail. They are often asked, “What does riding 2,650 on horseback have to do with hepatitis C?” Their response, “We want our ride to capture your attention and inspire you. Throughout history people have gone on pilgrimages and vision quests. We see it as a journey that will most certainly change us. We hope it will change you as well.”

Learn about hepatitis and liver disease one byte at a time by watching Hep’s slideshows. (www.hepmag.com/slideshows) Find out about the signs of liver disease, facts about liver cancer, tips to help your liver, and the celebrities who have had hepatitis. Not only will you learn about hepatitis, you will know that you are in good company.