I can’t believe I am more than 10 weeks into my treatment, with less than two weeks to go. Although I have never felt unwell because of hep C, I realise I have been living under a cloud of shame and regret for years. In the past 12 months particularly, I have been “stuck”, unable to move forward, waiting for my treatment to commence. I have definitely been hiding my light under a bushel. Now that the treatment is working and I am undetectable, I am starting to get my mojo back.

I am feeling inspired to cast off the shackles of the past, reorganise my book case, and my life. To get my house in order and project who I really am.  Already I am getting feedback from strangers and colleagues that I am “glowing”.  I checked the mirror and the same old 50-something year old is looking back at me, so clearly I must be projecting something different, something more positive.

Thumbnail image for half-full-half-empty.jpgI love chatting with my peers and seeing the resilience and determination of people to get cured so I interact with a lot of people with hep C in online forums. But I am often overwhelmed with the amount of negativity, directed at the health system, the government, the medical profession, the drug companies and even at me. I am not naïve to the agenda of these stakeholders and I do get peoples frustration, but I prefer to look for the positives, and there are plenty. Despite the fact that we are still waiting for access to Direct Acting Antivirals in Australia; despite the fact that there are enormous hurdles to overcome to get everyone with hep C cured; I feel really positive that we are on the cusp of a revolution in hep C treatment.

I wonder if some of the negativity comes from the shame and regret that others like me have lived with, or the frustration of feeling “stuck” waiting for treatment?

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