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20 November 2015: Getting the language right

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Davi Foto

Yes! That’s it David, no one deserves any kind of illness, the same way we sympathise with someone who has cancer, or diabetes is the same way we should empathise with those affected by other illnesses, at any point does one say they deserve cancer? Wouldn’t that be outrageous! So why is it that with Hep C it is okay? This attitude must change. Davi

November 26, 2015

Nicole Piper

Hello David thank you I enjoyed the above piece, timely and, as always, poignant. Personally I think I will leave my opinion or thoughts about the nefarious activities of Charlie Sheen in the dark. Suffice to say however, i loved him in the 80's flick 'Wall Street' so choose to remember him in that character (perhaps that is where it all started lol!). Alas, as stated by you David, no-one 'deserves' a chronic illness!!?? Apparently the Universe, Karma, God , Krishna etc believe otherwise....hehe! However, it is certainly and undeniably true we all make bad decisions at times. There are many reasons for such, not least of all because of our 'humanity'. The question remains: "How do we prevent the continuation/perpetuation of chronic illness in our society?". Further, how do we also promote the rights of individuals living with HepC or HIV, to ensure our basic and fundamental righ5ts are being upheld whilst not impacting negatively on the communities in which we live? So many questions...the answers to which might be deceptively simple... Peace, Love and Light Nicole

November 23, 2015


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