On Monday, July 28, the World Hepatitis Alliance and the World Health Organization (WHO) are teaming up for the seventh annual World Hepatitis Day, an effort to help change the global attitude and response toward the viral hepatitis pandemics.

This year’s campaign theme is “Hepatitis: Think Again.” The campaign asks health advocates around the world to post images that have made them “think twice” about viral liver disease. Visual puzzles, riddles or paradoxical photos will then be included in an online gallery to help draw awareness to the hepatitis A, B, C, D and E viruses.

The international awareness day will ultimately act as a call to action for improved access to treatment, better prevention programs and more government action to combat viral liver diseases worldwide. It is estimated that viral hepatitis is the world’s eighth biggest killer.

For more information about World Hepatitis Day, look up #thinkhepatitis on Twitter or visit worldhepatitisday.org. The campaign website includes an online listing of all the awareness day events happening around the world, as well as videos, online resources about the diseases, social media highlights, downloadable campaign materials and access to the new online awareness photo wall.