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WikiLeaks Data Exposes HIV and Hepatitis Status

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Attacks on Wikileaks will only increase in an attempt to detract from the information being released about Clinton

August 27, 2016


So...just because the AP says it it's true?!? Report to us the various bs ways the AP has covered HIV/AIDS over the years, please

August 26, 2016


Vincent Z, the "past" you speak of is actually also our present... and future. After all it's still quite unsafe for many in the United States and around the world to be an openly gay person. In Russia, one example among many, there is government sanctioned thug attacks on gay people. This is only a minute fraction of what occurs globally. We all have a right to privacy. Especially when the alternative is violence and even death. You are the one living in a false bubble of humanity. [sic]

August 26, 2016


2 comments at opposite ends of the spectrum. i'm pretty open about myself but many many people are not in the position i'm in.

August 26, 2016

Vincent Z.

Good! People should not hide their pasts and be proud no matter what! Hiding creates false bubbles of humankind.

August 26, 2016 Fort Lauderdale


Ill tell ya I think those wiki people should be strung up..surely it is a violation of laws. It's outrageous. She needs to be sentenced for every negative out come from her volatile company.

August 25, 2016 Grand prairie tx


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