A New Hampshire woman is suing Exeter Hospital, alleging that she contracted the hepatitis C virus (HCV) through “intimate contact” with her husband, who got the virus at the facility in 2012, the Union Leader reports. The husband got the liver disease from tainted hypodermic needles used by the now-infamous lab technician David Kwiatkowski, who was responsible for a hep C outbreak. Linda Sanborn says she was tested last March when her husband was hospitalized with a serious liver infection, but her results initially came back negative. She now says she has HCV. In August, Kwiatkowski pleaded guilty to 14 charges related to the outbreak and may receive 30 to 40 years in prison when he’s sentenced this December. The rate of HCV sexual transmission is less than 0.07 percent for monogamous heterosexual couples. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that couples do not share razors, toothbrushes and nail clippers to avoid possible blood-borne transmission.

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