POZ supports Zero Discrimination
The first Zero Discrimination Day will be commemorated Saturday, March 1, according to a statement by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), which launched this new awareness day.

The event is a call to people worldwide to promote the right of individuals to full lives with dignity, regardless of their appearance, where they live or whom they love. The symbol for the day is the butterfly, which represents transformation.

UNAIDS has called on organizations and individuals around the globe to support their efforts. They encourage people to download a butterfly from their website, take a picture of yourself holding it and post it on their Facebook wall or other social media.

To read the UNAIDS statement, click here.

To visit the campaign on Facebook, click here.

To visit the campaign on Tumblr, click here.

Use the hashtag #zerodiscrimination to promote the campaign on Twitter.