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The 2015 Treatment Landscape for Genotype 1 of Hepatitis C

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I have 3 insurances but have been denied access to harvoni. It is advertised as a cure. I want a cure. I have been infected for over 15 years that I know about. I tried interferon w/ribavirin 10 years ago then another time. Not only were there horrific side effects, there was also iron shots that I had to take for energy because I had become severely anemic. I do not know about Valkiera pak that my insurance will pay for. In fact I never heard of it until today. Help I want a cure

March 22, 2016 virginia

Art Grams

Does 1L28B make any difference anymore?

November 24, 2015 Santa Cruz

Marie Hargett

How would someone with HCV know which genotype they are in? This article gives so much information about genotype but how would someone know if they have genotype i?

April 30, 2015 WEST BOUNTIFUL


I on Harvoni for 24 weeks 168 days I have been on Harvoni for 100 days 68 days left I'm told that i will now have co payments of $12.000.00 in order to get my next 2 refills ( I don't have the money) NOBODY warned me to be prepared for this I may run out of before I can solve this problem.How can they do that? I want a lawyer.

March 22, 2015 Bellville NJ


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