Here are the hepatitis treatment news stories with the most views this year:

1. FDA Approves Gilead’s Hep C Drug Harvoni (Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir)
Posted: October 10

2. Sovaldi-Olysio-Ribavirin Cost-Effective Over Sovaldi-Ribavirin
Posted: April 14

3. Sovaldi/Olysio Combo Cures 94% of Those With Liver Disease
Posted: April 23

4. Perfect Results for Sovaldi/Ledipasvir, But Only With Ribavirin
Posted: April 10

5. AbbVie Files for FDA Approval of ’3D’ Hepatitis C Regimen
Posted: April 22

6. Excellent Results Across Genotypes for Sovaldi and GS-5816
Posted: April 10

7. Olysio-Sovaldi Cures High Rates of Hepatitis C Genotype 1
Posted: August 4

8. Medicare Backs Off Restrictions Against Sovaldi/Olysio for Hep C
Posted: June 4

9. Baby Boomers Bear 81% of Hepatitis C Burden
Posted: March 10

10. Sovaldi-Ledipasvir Better Shields the Liver Than Today’s Hep C Meds
Posted: September 22

11. Gilead’s Combo Therapy Cures Hep C in Just Six Weeks
Posted: March 8

12. Sovaldi Can Cure Hep C Recurrence After Liver Transplant
Posted: April 24

13. FDA Grants ’Priority Review’ to Olysio & Sovaldi Hep C Combo
Posted: July 16

14. Curing Hepatitis C Lowers Central Nervous System Fatigue
Posted: May 21

15. FDA Grants ‘Priority Review’ to AbbVie’s ‘3D’ Hep C Regimen
Posted: June 23

16. Perfect HIV/HCV Coinfection Cure Rate for Sovaldi/Ledipasvir
Posted: April 15

17. Sovaldi & Ribavirin Is Effective for HIV/HCV Population
Posted: March 24

18. Gilead Likely to Continue Dominating Hep C Market in 2015
Posted: August 25

19. Herbals and Supplements May Cause Liver Damage, Even Death
Posted: October 6

20. Antidepressants: More Toxic to Liver Than Previously Thought?
Posted: January 6