Here are the hepatitis treatment news stories with the most views this year:

1. Harvoni Is Mostly Cost Effective, But Budget Impact Will Be Huge
Posted: March 25

2. BMS Resubmits FDA Application for Hepatitis C Drug Daclatasvir
Posted: March 12

3. Gilead’s All-Genotype Hep C Drug Boasts Excellent Cure Rates
Posted: September 23

4. FDA OK’s BMS Daklinza (Daclatasvir) to Treat Hep C Genotype 3
Posted: July 24

5. Retreatment With 24 Weeks of Harvoni Often Cures Hepatitis C
Posted: May 4

6. Liver Association Updates Hepatitis C Treatment Guidelines
Posted: July 21

7. ACH-3102 and Sovaldi Have 100% Hepatitis C Cure Rate in 6 Weeks
Posted: February 11

8. Could a Cancer Drug Cure Hepatitis B?
Posted: May 6

9. Daklinza/Sovaldi Success for Those With HIV/HCV
Posted: August 5

10. Harvoni Boasts Near-Perfect Hep C Cure Rates in Cirrhotics
Posted: May 20

11. More Perfect Cure Rates for Achillion’s Six-Week Hep C Treatment
Posted: September 28

12. High Rates of Advanced Liver Damage in Hep C-Diagnosed Boomers
Posted: March 11

13. Gilead Seeks FDA Approval for Hep C Treatment for All Genotypes
Posted: October 30

14. One Million Americans With Hep C Have High-Priority Treatment Status
Posted: January 14

15. 96% Hep C Cure Rate for Harvoni in Those Coinfected With HIV
Posted: March 3

16. Sovaldi or Harvoni and Heart Med Cordarone Can Be a Fatal Mix
Posted: March 23

17. FDA Green Lights AbbVie’s Technivie for Genotype 4 of Hepatitis C
Posted: July 24

18. Merck Seeks FDA Approval of Hep C Tablet Grazoprevir/Elbasvir
Posted: June 1

19. Urgency of Hep C Treatment Rises as Fibrosis Advances
Posted: November 25

20. High Rates of Liver Disease in People With Long-Term Hep C
Posted: August 12