Will Carruthers, a bassist who has played with Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spectrum and others recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to help him cover the cost of hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment, Pitchfork reports.

Last year, the psychedelic rocker released the memoir Playing the Bass With Three Left Hands, in which he opened up about his fight with the liver virus. Now, Carruthers has launched a campaign on GoGetFunding to cure his HCV once and for all.

The campaign, cheekily titled “Musician needs money for drugs,” offers a variety of prizes, including an hour of new music, signed prints, Skype conversations, rare handmade copies of his book and concert tickets, to those who donate to his treatment. In the post, Carruthers writes that he guesses he’s been living with hepatitis C for nearly 30 years but can’t be sure. He also admits that he likely got the virus through sharing dirty needles.

“For many, many years I never even knew I had it,” Carruthers writes. “When I was first diagnosed I was told there was a cure (of sorts) available, which in some cases could be worse than the disease itself. A nine month course of injections that were punishing, toxic and far from a certain cure.”

However, about a year and a half ago, Carruthers’s doctor informed him of new direct-acting antiviral treatments, which offer up to 95 percent cure rates and cause limited side effects. The only obstacle in the musician’s way is the high cost of hepatitis C treatment in his home country Germany: nearly 1,000 euros per pill, according to Carruthers.

To read Carruthers’s full post about his battle with hepatitis C, stigma and his search for treatment, click here. Once the crowdfunding campaign is over, the rock star says he plans to source generic hepatitis C treatment from Egypt via an internet pharmacy for around 2,000 euros.