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The Hepatitis C Blockbuster Season Has Begun

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I'll be starting my treatment tomorrow I'm really scared but I'm blessed to be able to get this treatment and hopefully I will be able to live another 20 years to see my grand children grow

September 10, 2014 covina

Lorette gay

I would like to know if you can treat HCV with only Sovaldi and olysio without injection. Just the 2 pills every day for 12 weeks. Thanks

June 4, 2014 Miami

Lindal Shoman

and I want to thank the American Health and Insurance system for getting me this cure for $100, I hear the single payer system like Canada requires 20%, yeah $3000 month.

May 23, 2014

Lindal Shoman

my dr managed to convince the BCBS and I qualified. I will start Tue on the Sovaldi

May 23, 2014


just want to thank the pharmacutical companies for making such a wonderful drug. within three weeks there are no longer any signs of hep c !!!!

April 26, 2014 aventura


I think everyone needs to think long term. If this drug can cure hep C, the cost in the long run for a hep c patient is insignificant - think of all the testing, side effects, illnesses due to hep c disease that will not be taxing the health care system for each patient. It is crazy for insurance companies to bulk at the cost of a cure!

April 11, 2014

Lindal Shoman

had to retire early due to fatigue, found out what my problem was just before the sovaldi hit the market. My Dr says I am perfect for this treatment and could escape the terrible side effects from the previous treatments if only my wonderful BCBS hadn't decided to require a long complicated if ands and buts to qualify, they have managed to deny me, great huh

April 4, 2014


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