Lawsuits are rolling out and ramping up in South Carolina after at least 22 people were infected with the hepatitis B virus (HBV) while receiving care at a North Charleston clinic, WCIV reports.

Health officials say nearly 534 patients may have been exposed to the virus at Tri-County Spinal Care Center since September 2011, as a result of improper injection practices used at the facility. So far, only 167 people have been tested for the disease, largely because the center did not keep up to date with its patients’ address records when sending out exposure warnings.

As a result, attorneys of those affected by the outbreak say they have filed a lien against the home of the doctor at the center of the case to push for more information. Officials first started looking into Tri-County after three people who went to the clinic were diagnosed with hep B. Since then, the doctor’s medical license suspension has been lifted.

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