The University of California, San Diego (UCSD), and Sharp HealthCare, a regional hospital system, have announced new plans to team up with a number of liver centers across San Diego to help streamline health care for local liver transplants, the San Diego Tribune reports.

Under the joint program, UCSD and several area hospitals, medical groups and health plans will work together to manage every step of the liver transplant process for those enrolled—from the moment symptoms of liver failure emerge, to the post-surgical care needed to prevent a recipient’s body from rejecting the transplant.

Sharp HealthCare will perform pre- and post-surgical care, while the actual surgeries will take place at UCSD’s Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla after it opens later this year. Once the arrangement is fully implemented, the number of transplants performed by the university is expected to increase by at least 10 per year.

Southern California GI & Liver Centers, which is also part of the partnership, noted that working together as one operation would enable people to stay with the same transplant team throughout their surgeries, and that the collaboration will create more opportunities for research.