Study findings suggest that resveratrol, a compound found largely in the skins of red grapes (used to make red wine), might be an effective future treatment for people with type 2 diabetes, according to researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, reports WebMD Health News.

During the study, resveratrol lowered blood sugar levels and improved insulin levels  when injected directly into the brains of mice who were fed high-calorie diets.

“The brain appears to be a major player in diabetes,” said Roberto Coppari, PhD. “The treatments we have for diabetes target other organs like the liver. The brain hasn’t really been put on the map.”

But before you toast to your health, realize that resveratrol doesn’t effectively cross the blood brain barrier so using supplements or drinking wine isn’t enough to improve diabetes.

In other studies, resveratrol treatments improved heart health and caused obese mice on high-fat diets to live longer. As a result, researchers believe that the compound might one day slow aging and improve the quality of life for many struggling with obesity.

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