Technically, you are at risk for hep C, but the risk is quite low. We don’t have solid documentation of anyone having contracted hepatitis C in this way. Research presented at the 2018 Liver Meeting found HCV-RNA in nasal and fluids of patients with a high viral count. (David Chromy, et al.) However, this study only enrolled 34 people, and all but one had HIV. The discovery of HCV in nasal fluids doesn’t prove that hep C can be acquired via snorting cocaine.

However, since cocaine can dry the nasal passages, there is a potential for blood-to-blood contact. Since there isn’t any solid research about this, we call it a ‘theoretical risk.’

Consider getting an antibody test in about 6 months. It will ease your mind. If you continue to use drugs, don’t share them or any drug-related utensils.