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Parents of a baby boy born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, are claiming that the facility forced them to give their child a vaccine for the hepatitis B virus (HBV) against their will, The Inquisitr reports.

Aliea Bidwell and Ben Gray claim that they were originally opposed to vaccinating their child on both religious and philosophical grounds, but that they were eventually “blackmailed” by hospital staff to either sign an informed consent for the HBV vaccine or risk temporarily losing their child to the Office of Child Protective Services, a division of the state’s Department of Human Resources.

The anti-vaxxers allege that the hospital’s on-call pediatrician, Terry M. Bierd, MD, told the couple that if they did not allow her to give their child the hep B vaccine, she would call hospital security and Alabama’s Child Protective Services to take the baby away for the weekend.

However, in Alabama and in most other U.S. states, it is not illegal for people to refuse vaccines. The parents are now saying that the ordeal was a violation of their constitutional rights.

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