Rumors that Pamela Anderson is in a “cancer crisis” following her 2015 hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment are absolutely not true, according a recent statement from the celebrity’s representatives. In fact, the former Baywatch star is in excellent health — and remains both hepatitis C– and cancer-free following her therapy, Gossip Cop reports

Anderson’s correction thoroughly debunks a disturbing National Enquirer report that falsely exclaimed “Pam Anderson Cancer Horror!” in its headline; the teaser read: “Baywatch beauty’s miracle hepatitis drugs COULD KILL HER.” However, the supermarket tabloid lays out no proof to support these claims.

Instead, the outlet resorted to quoting a doctor who has never treated Anderson claiming to have seen two cases of hepatitis C in the past in which patients later developed cancer. The story also quotes an anonymous “insider” showing concern for the celebrity.

A rep for the star also quickly responded to the Enquirer’s claims, telling Gossip cop reporters, “[There’s] absolutely no truth to this story.”

Although all medical treatments have side effects and additional health risks, there is no clinical data suggesting that hepatitis C treatment causes cancer.

The National Enquirer article amounts to fake news about a serious health condition and its lifesaving cures — which are effective at eradicating the deadly liver disease in more than 95 percent of cases. 

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