After at least 44 people contracted the hepatitis C virus (HCV) while receiving care at a North Dakota nursing home, two law firms have filed a class action lawsuit against the facility, Valley News Live reports.  

According to the North Dakota Department of Health, unsanitary routine health procedures at ManorCare Health Services in the city of Minot contributed to the second largest hepatitis C outbreak in U.S. history.

An initial investigation of the nursing home in August 2013 pinpointed the outbreak after tests indicated that all 44 chronic hep C cases among its patients were genetically linked. According to health officials, the infections may have been associated with foot care, nail care and/or blood services at the facility.

The case was filed in federal court by the law firms of Zimmerman Reed and Solberg Stewart Miller on behalf of all those infected. The median age of the patients is 84. It alleges that ManorCare both breached its duty to properly care for its patients and failed to comply with state and federal nursing home regulations.

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