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Do I need to wear sunscreen in the winter?

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Yes yes yes!! wear it but a lighter or less than the Summer!! Best is if it’s a part of your moisturizer! Our environment is really messed up & years passed I would say no but now, if you are on meds like Bactria DS or check your other ones- your skin. NO MATTER HOW DARK YOUR SKIN IS,needs protection!! a sunblock on their creams and when Summer does come along, would you please learn when the Sun is weaker- retired pharmacist here!!a full body check up via a dermatologist esp if you have freckle

January 28, 2019 Bronx,NY


I hate sunscreen- it's messy, it runs, AND it causes more sweating! But I'll wear it when I'm out in the hot sun. But I prefer to stay clear of the sunshine anyway. And there are such things as hats. It's not like I live in a known sun zone. I live in the UK. So, there's some degree of choice - beach or not beach, in the sun a lot or not a lot, expose self to rays or seek out cover.. I do the latter in all three instances. I'll use the sunscreen only when I'm in the sun behaving like a lunatic.

January 9, 2019 UK


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