In the wake of an ongoing nationwide crisis health departments across Michigan are set to receive their share of $500,000 in grants to help combat the crisis, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Spokespeople from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services recently announced that $20,000 would go to 25 county health departments across the state seeking to boost their prevention and treatment efforts. Specifically, funding will go toward increasing vaccination outreach to at-risk populations and educating locals about their risk of infection.

A list of health departments receiving funding has been posted online. Of the recipients, 20 departments have already been awarded their share of $2.5 million to combat the outbreak. Now, the state says every department in the region has received some sort of influx in hepatitis A–related funding. 

The grant money comes from a $7.1 million pool of funding approved by the Legislature last year to address the hepatitis A outbreak.

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