People taking methadone may put off hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment because of misconceptions about the virus and its treatment, Healio reports.

Researchers surveyed 150 people attending a methadone clinic, including 100 people with hep C and 50 without, and presented findings at the 2016 EASL Special Conference: New Perspectives in Hepatitis C Virus Infection—The Roadmap for Cure in Paris.

Those in the HCV-positive group generally believed that treating the virus was “worth it.” However, they were concerned that undergoing treatment would lead others to believe they had HIV. They also thought that being asymptomatic was a reason not to receive treatment. Neither those with or without hep C saw significant benefits in immediate treatment.

The researchers concluded that hep C-related education for methadone users living with the virus could help raise their interest in receiving HCV treatment. This includes teaching them that treatment for the virus is easy and quick to take and that it can make people feel “in charge.”

While the study’s participants did not express significant mistrust of health care providers, many were uncertain that their doctors would know how to treat HCV or would be willing to treat someone taking methadone.

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