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Melanie Hofmann

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Melanie Hofmann

I got the news that I am now cured in early October. Help me celebrate!

November 14, 2014 Berkeley

Debra Huddleston

Gosh Melanie, you did have a rough year in 1975.I too was raped in 1983, but first strangled so bad, the whites of my eyes were blood red for over 4 months.I was depressed & I felt bad cuz kids were scared of me.I was also stabbed 11 times in my throat.I thank God that I was unconscientious while he raped me.I was fighting, but I just couldn't get him off of me. You know what I mean.Anyway, We made it, you and me.You're an amazing person, and have helped me and so many others in your journey.

September 19, 2014 Freehold

Anita Hilario

What a story! Thank you. Humbles me I am two week post triple therapy still loosing my hair! I wish you health and happiness. Love Anita

September 9, 2014 Cape Town


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