Yes, assuming you have Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage. However, it may not cover the medication you hope to get. Also, Medicare coverage for hepatitis C treatment does not guarantee complete coverage of the cost. You may incur out-of-pocket costs, and in some cases, these may be sizeable. Most plans require prior authorization, so don’t expect to get your medicine immediately.

Coverage for hepatitis C treatment is determined by what Medicare plan you are on and what drugs are on that plan’s formulary. These plans differ in various states and regions, and someone living in one part of the country may pay significantly more than someone may from a nearby region.  If you do not have a Medicare plan with prescription coverage, you can sign up for it during the Fall Open Enrollment period. Note that there are penalties associated with late enrollment of Medicare Part D.

Patient assistance programs can be enormously helpful while going through the process of obtaining hep C treatment. These programs can also check to see if you are eligible for various cost-savings plans. Click here for more information.