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Lucinda Porter

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Because of Hep C you have been a wonderful inspiration and friend to me. Your gift of acceptance and education saved me. I am forever grateful.

August 4, 2016 Blackwood


This post blessed me. I love that you took something so hard and tragic and turned into something beutiful, fruitful and satisfying. The more I learn about you the more I want to be you when I grow up.

July 24, 2016 Rockies


Shazam!!Harvoni and along with my anticipation, we won the antagonizing battle of HepC.It still seems like how could this ever be possible with the easiest of side effects, enduring what we were up against. Thank You, Thank You, to the lab of scientists who actually made it happen. Hats of to you and sincerely thank you again for a wonderful future ahead of me and my family, Bless to all.

June 25, 2015 Leominster

Gloria Guzman

I am finished with the treatment of Harvoni of twelve weeks, which I now can be an inspiration towards others, I tried many years ago the Inteferon and I could not tolerate the side effects. I thank God that I am cured.

May 8, 2015 Brooklyn N.Y.11225


I am in day seven of a 28 week Harvoni treatment I've read much from this person in various blogs etc.. and had to comment on her quote- "It is the thirst for certainty that so confuses the mind" WOW-me to a T Thanks 4 all u do!

January 7, 2015


i like your quip about the thirst for certainty . seems im always too concerned about the future . there are no guarantees , i should know that by now . i took an intron - a beating in 2000 , then peg , then rolled over to daily infergen . none of it worked for me . sovaldi , olysio and riba stomped the virus for me in the spring of 2014 . thank you indy va . im feeling better every day, been und for 7 months so far .

December 12, 2014 martinsville IN

gerry butler

the shock of being diagnosed with hepatitis c and having no idea how i came to have it is wearing off.reading inspiring stories like lucindas give people motivation to get on with living.within 3 months i am fitter than i have been for years,i've stopped drinking and am eating a healthy diet.i also consider myself lucky because of all the new treatments coming along and having access to the internet. hepatitis c has pulled me out of the older blokes"dismal cycle"into a new life.

October 8, 2014 mundubbera queensland

Ed D

Thank you for your story, the wisdom you've garnered and the inspiration your challenges bring to those of us with Hep C. After 3 non-responding treatment to with Inerferon, I am finally virus-free after Sofosbuvir. I am grateful and look forward to a gradual recovery of my life over the next several years (could be as long as 5-10 hrs per the research study MD). Thanks to all those who help us maintain optimism despite fatigue, brain fog and more...we must all stick together!

June 26, 2014


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