A former patient at the HealthPlus Surgery Center in New Jersey is suing the clinic after it notified her and nearly 3,800 other clients that they may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis B and C as a result of poor sterilization and medication practices.

According to Reuters, the lawsuit claims “wanton misconduct—on a continuing basis.” It is not reported whether the woman filing the suit has contracted any infections. The New Jersey health department noted that the risk of infection is low.

The state health department had closed the Saddle Brook, New Jersey, clinic for most of September 2018 after investigating a complaint against it, reports NorthJersey.com. The surgery center reopened after it submitted a plan on how it would correct the problems.

As a result of the investigation, two workers who were in charge of sterilizing and cleaning medical instruments were fired and a nursing director resigned.

The health department advised anyone who had a procedure done at the Saddle Brook clinic between January 1 and September 7 to get tested. This is out of “an abundance of caution.”

If you need to be tested because of possible exposure at this clinic, you can call 888-507-0578.