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Kathy White

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Andrew J

Thanks for sharing your story. I, like you, have had Hep C for a long time - since about 1975-76 I estimate, and in 'chronic active' mode since 1996. Like you, it feels like most, or all of my adult life. My GP said I might not feel that much better, but I do. It'll just take time for the liver scarring to heal itself; for the body to recover from what it's been through - and for the psychological wounds to heal. We've been through a lot - you probably more than me, by the sound of it.

May 8, 2016

Elizabeth Pemberton

Thank you for your story. I too had hep c for about 40 yrs. I did interferon twice. Was cured in August 2014. I still feel sick most of the time due to esld. We are survivors! We are warriors!

May 6, 2016 New York


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