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Kathryn Ramsay

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Bravo Kath....... your honestly is awesome!

June 25, 2017 Bay of Islands


My partner went through 3 inteferon/ribavarin treatments, the last one for 18 months, very badly supported, he was nearly psychoic, and now has enphysema (as do quite a few who were put on this treatment, and HepC, as before. He's just begun a Harvoni treatment for 3 months. I too was diagnosed in the 80's, and have refused the "standard" hell-like treatments, until Harvoni came on the market here. I have to do all the tests they want, but if I want the Harvoni... thanks :D

January 20, 2017 France


Hi Kathryn Congratulations on your cure and thanks for speaking out and telling your story. I wish more people had the courage to speak out and make people aware of the issues and solutions that surround Hep C

June 26, 2016 Australia


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