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Karl Halpin

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Your story was inspirational. Being recently diagnosed and waiting for approval for treatment I've resolved in my mind to trust GOD and do whatever I can to fight. My faith is strong and I know that when its all said and done I will come out victorious. Thank you again for sharing.

January 20, 2015 Albany


I had an emergency surgery w/a blood transfusion & it was tainted with Hep C in November 1980. I had no idea but in the late 80's I kept getting tested for aids. After my transfusion, I got sick a lot & it lasted longer than a normal person. At 1st it was a joke btwn my gram & I that I had a wino's blood. However when I went to the drs it was always diagnosed as chronic fatigue. I was sent to counselors, pyschiatrists, it was like I had a mental illness. In 98 I took the test & in 99 I found out

June 16, 2014 Northampton


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