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International HIV Conference Reveals Exciting Progress in Global HIV Fight

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In response to your Anthony Fauci's comment that he was no longer looking for of cure, I must question (A) why not and (B) why he says such. (A) Those of us who are long terms (32 yrs here) have spent over half of our lives working mainly to be able to pay for drugs to treat our disease(s) rather than using those funds for something worthwhile, like personal real estate, etc. If no cure, then we will be in thrall to Big Pharma until we die. (B) Does Big Pharma give a moral right to so choose?

September 20, 2017 Atlanta, GA


Great news all around! Wishing and hoping that the study results of Undetectable = Uninfectious were more widespread. I have been placing links to the studies and quotes from Dr. Fauci on my dating app profiles and have asked Adam4Adam to blog about it. So far, they have ignored my requests. HIV stigma is worse than the virus, IMO but gay men particularly, are mostly ignorant of the facts, which is very troubling to me. I'm sure it comes from fear but discrimination is rampant still.

August 24, 2017 FL

larry kramer

THIS IS SPIN BULLSHIT TO SHUT US UP. READ PULITZER SCIENCE WRITER LAURIE GARRETT TELLING US LIKE IT IS: "During the International AIDS Conference, I published “The Next AIDS Pandemic.” I wrote that a second global pandemic of AIDS is likely, barring a phenomenal increase in worldwide financial and political commitment,..Only half the world’s HIV-positive population is currently receiving treatment that can lower their viral loads sufficiently to make them noncontagious"

August 23, 2017


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