Gilead Sciences, the maker of Sovaldi (sofosbuvir)—one of the most effective and most expensive treatments for the hepatitis C virus (HCV)—has struck deals with seven generic drug makers in India to sell low-cost versions of the med to the world’s poorest countries, The New York Times reports.

The pharmaceutical company will sell Sovaldi in India for about $10 a pill, or $1,800 for a 24-week treatment, by the middle of 2015. That’s 1 percent of the drug’s $1,000 per pill price tag in the United States. In addition, the drug makers in India will manufacture generic versions for distribution to 91 developing countries.

Advocates claim this move is a victory for improving hep C treatment access globally. However, critics are skeptical about what is going to happen with drug pricing in middle-income countries, such as Mexico, Brazil and Thailand, as well as pricing in U.S. Medicaid programs.