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Partial Hep C Treatment Response Offers Health Benefits

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I've had Hep C for 16 yrs. Type 2. I went on Interferon treatment 6 yrs ago whereon I had ETR for 6 mos. where my liver function tests went back into normal range. Now my cirrohis is level 4 so I'm going to do pegelated interferon next week. My health is good, other than Hep C and cirrohis do I stand a good chance to beat it this time around?

October 8, 2010

Ahmed elgohary

IT is also my observation that patients with ETRafter standard HCVtherapy were less likaly to develop HCC or icreasing staging fibrosis clinically and by fibro test . High resolution ultrasound and alfa foeto protein every 3 mon. were maint.normal.these group maintain liver compation b etter than nonresponders.

September 24, 2010 Alexandria, Egypt


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