Last week at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), Hillary Clinton took time aside to address the United States’ ongoing opioid addiction epidemic, releasing and airing a video titled “Combating Substance Abuse,” which overviewed her plans to combat the crisis if elected president this fall, according to a press release from the DNC.

The video, which is posted above and on the DNC’s YouTube channel here, highlights Clinton’s commitment to preventing and treating addiction in this country, her support of people in recovery and her goal to tackle the U.S. opioid epidemic head-on if elected. The video also featured Pam Livengood, an addict in recovery who later gave a speech at the DNC.

The presidential candidate later told the press that her bold plans to speak out about addiction during her campaign were sparked by meetings in New Hampshire in 2015, where she met and spoke with several people, including Livengood, who had been personally impacted by their dependence on prescription painkillers and heroin.

In the video, Clinton hammers home her commitment to harm reduction and humanitarian care for those seeking addiction treatment, saying, “Everybody should feel that they are valued, they are cared about and they have a president who sees them.