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Advocates Urge HHS to End Barriers to Hep C Treatment

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freddy wright

I have a question concerning the distribution of the Cure for HepC is the Veterans Association or is VA taking the same position as HHS with this new product from the RX company. I have experience a lot of people with Hep C associated with the VA and watching them suffer from old poisonous drugs to treat Hep C and then million of more dollar being spent to treat the effect of the old treatment options . Wondering if the VA is getting a better price in the monopoly of this new drug as of now.

September 15, 2014 Jacksonville

Freddy Wright

Again our healthcare system are set from a providers treatment plan from the Rx companies' mandates of supply and demand. Shame on all these groups that state they are in the Healthcare business. Yes deep shame and deep pockets. Shame on HHS to take a person in their health crisis to label them F3 or F4 before they can get a Hep C cure that is sitting on the shelf in a ware house. I would suggest taking the next action in a law suit focus at HHS, Medicaid and Rx maker in conspiracies of murder

September 15, 2014 Jacksonville


I am in a co-infected clinical trial with these interferon and ribavirin free miracle drugs, but am disturbed when I read that people are still being given interferon when it clearly shows this virus can be eliminated without it. Also disturbed reading in forums about people unable to access treatment because of financial reasons. The goal should be to eliminate hepatitis C from the entire world.

September 14, 2014 Sacramento, CA


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