In the face of an ongoing hepatitis A virus (HAV) outbreak among men who have sex with men (MSM), the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is setting up vaccination clinics at six Detroit gay bars, reports. 

MSM have been identified as being at an increased risk for the liver virus, which is largely spread through fecal-oral contact and through ingesting food prepared by a person who has the virus. Michigan’s hepatitis A outbreak began in August 2016; since then, there have been 727 cases, with 24 deaths. Of those, 14.3 percent have been MSM.

Fortunately, the hepatitis A vaccine is more than 90 percent effective at preventing the spread of the virus. The protective shot is currently recommended for all adult MSM in the area. The hep A vaccine is also available at local pharmacies, through health care providers and local health departments across the region.

The Department of Health is also reminding men that aside from getting vaccinated, practicing good handwashing habits and avoiding sex with infected partners are ways of protecting against the spread of HAV. 

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