A new study published in the March 12 issue of the journal AIDS suggests that many HIV-positive gay men contract hepatitis C soon after they contract HIV, AIDSMap.com reports (aidsmap.com, 3/11).

Researchers at St. Mary?s Hospital examined the sexual histories of 155 gay men who were diagnosed with HIV at the hospital between 1999 and 2006. They found that a total of 11 men, or 7 percent of the men, became infected with hepatitis C virus.

?This study supports the enhanced surveillance of high-risk groups to identify new hepatitis C virus cases and prevent the onward transmission of both hepatitis C and HIV and to allow the opportunity for early treatment intervention to enhance hepatitis C clearance rates,? wrote the investigators.

The AIDSMap.com article also reported that another study published in the same issue of AIDS highlighted two cases of hepatitis C superinfection in HIV-positive gay men.