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Interferon-Free BMS Combo Yields 77% Cure Rate in Geno 1 Hep C

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shazia ghafoor

i am 27 years old girl having HCV positive i am worried about my treatment i want to start interferon but fear from side effects

December 3, 2013 lahore pakistan


I would like to know if there are any Medical or CDC trials for people who are Post-Treatment that are still dealing with Hepatitus C Side-Effects ? I was Treated in 2008 thru 2009 48 weeks Acheived SVR but still deal with Post-Tx Side-Effects 24/7 and was Diagnosed with Leukopenia Anemia and went to Two Cancer Doctors and they Blame Peg-Interfuron and Ribavirin. They say it takes 1 month of Recovery Time for each week of Treatment to Recover Fully? Any Comments? Patrick

January 15, 2013 Killingly


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