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Hepatitis C Treatment Side Effects

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I just finished up treatment with Harvoni and I never felt better in my life. My interferon/ribaviron destroyed me 12 yeras ago. Effects were mild but very real this time. Enough so my personsl and financial life took a nosedive. I sold my house and rented a room. Support was non existent. A few weeks after tteatment now and got a new job and not as tired. I gained weight but back to exercising again.

June 27, 2016 Rockledge , FL


I really do appreciate your concerns as far as drug intolerance for hep c treatments. This has been the first I've seen someone admitting it could actually happen. I would pay any amount of all that I have to face my husband and tell him even though we were gifted with a treatment that most could never afford, and with just the bad side affect of a bad sunburn, he wanted to stop, and I kept telling him what a blessing we were afforded to even have this treatment. It hurts to see miracle drug,..

June 18, 2016


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