American Liver Foundation (ALF)

The ALF’s Hepatitis C Information Center provides patients with information about treatment options and support to help manage hepatitis C. Learn about recognizing symptoms, testing, risk and prevention as well as what questions to ask your doctor about your diagnosis. Additional resources address such matters as how to disclose your diagnosis to loved ones, financial assistance and support for caregivers.  

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis is an up-to-date resource on all aspects of viral hepatitis, including how COVID-19 impacts those with hepatitis. Read about the CDC’s strategic plan to reduce new viral hepatitis infections and viral hepatitis–associated illnesses, deaths and disparities in the United States over the next five years. And learn about viral hepatitis outbreaks, including hepatitis C upticks among people who inject drugs. 

Hep C Hope

This online resource provides patients with varied hepatitis C information, such as how to choose the right treatment, how to find a hep C specialist and how to pay for treatment. A step-by-step guide teaches patients how they can be cured of the virus. Call the Hep C Hope Call Center (844-943-7246) to talk to an educator about your condition and treatment options.

Hepatitis C Mentor and Support Group (HCMSG)

Founded in 2010, HCMSG’s goal is to ensure that anyone affected by hepatitis C or coinfected with HIV can access information and support services to help them manage and overcome their condition with strength, dignity and fellowship. In addition to offering basic information to those living with hep C, HCMSG offers training and programs to providers of health and community-based services that supports improving management and treatment of the illness.

National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR)

NVHR is a national coalition of patients, health care providers, organizations and public health partners working together to end viral hepatitis in the United States. NVHR also seeks to improve the lives of people affected by hepatitis through advocacy, education and support from national, state and local partners. The coalition’s strategic plan involves unifying the voices of people with hepatitis as well as fighting for equal access to prevention and care.

Treatment Action Group (TAG)

TAG fights for better treatment and prevention services for people living with HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis C as well as vaccines to cure these chronic illnesses. TAG works to ensure that all people with these conditions receive lifesaving therapies, care and information. The science-based group of treatment activists has dedicated itself to expanding and accelerating vital research and supporting effective community engagement with research and policy institutions.


World Hepatitis Alliance

The World Hepatitis Alliance is a global patient-led, patient-driven nonprofit representing the 325 million people living with viral hepatitis worldwide. The group’s goal is to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030 and work with governments, national members and other key partners to raise awareness, influence policy change and help find millions of people who are unaware of their condition. Visit the alliance’s website for a variety of patient resources, including its magazine hepVoice.