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Hepatitis C and President Trump

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Yet I finally received treatment during the Trump Presidency . So saying anything Trump this Trump that He has lowered the prices on drug treatment for many people . So stop bringing in the President of OUR Beloved USA!!!

January 28, 2020 97317


I learned I was infected in 1995 from blood transfusions in 1974. I have successfully completed Hep C (11 months) treatment and am now 2 1/2 years still Hep C free. Nothing in my lifestyle would have indicated that I would be in danger of Hep C. At one place of employment, Hep C was falsely associated with HIV as the only way one could contract it. I saw no reason to volunteer any information. I have encouraged anyone of my age (baby boomers) to request the test at their annual Dr. visit.

February 5, 2017


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