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Hepatitis C: Predictors of Treatment Response

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Hep Staff

Jeff - We recommend you join the Hep Forums ( for asking questions around living with and treating hepatitis C. They are monitored 24x7 and you will find many folks willing to share their experiences.

April 8, 2015

Jeff Schwartz

My Hep C was Genotype 1b. Kaiser placed me on Only an 8 week regimen of Harvoni. Is 8 weeks of Treatment as successful as 12 weeks of treatment with Harvoni? Some Hep C studies suggest that 12 week treatment with Harvoni is more effective to reach SVR, Please, Where can I find data to give to Kaiser so that they can at least consider extending my treatment with Harvoni to 12 weeks?

April 8, 2015 Martinez


I am treatment experienced 1a on my 10 week of Harvoni. I am ND and will end in 2 weeks instead of 24. Dr said my results were amazing. I am thrilled..contrary to others I have had side effects to Harvoni but not as bad as interferon and rib or the triple treatment.

March 24, 2015


does marijuana use effect the outcome of harvoni treatment?

March 14, 2015


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